Customised compact rupture discs

Specially manufactured for unusual challenges

Very high or low pressures, high vacuums, temperatures of  several hundred degrees Celsius, highly volatile media or difficult installation situations – if your processes have exceptionally high pressure relief requirements, you will find the optimum solution in the following section.

We have even successfully protected space satellites against overpressure. As you can see, no application is so lofty that we cannot protect it with the appropriate rupture disc.

Our compact rupture discs are used in the following sectors:

Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, research and development, nuclear technology, oil & gas, plastics processing, food processing, pet food production, space technology and offshore plants as well as in hydraulic, pneumatic, low temperature and refrigeration technologies.

Customised REMBE®  rupture discs offer you

  • The potential for use in applications over an extremely wide range of temperatures and pressures.
  • Maximum leak-tightness.
  • Customised design of the housing and connections as well as the smallest nominal widths.
  • Corrosion resistance.

If you asked me to describe our compact rupture discs in one sentence, I’d say: “Impossible – I can’t.” So far we’ve always developed a dedicated solution for each application. And in fact it’s great fun for me as a designer. I’m always pleased to receive a tricky request!

Gordon Jerie, CAD expert

You can find detailed information relating to our products here

  • UKB LS - Compact, micro-welded unit, which can even be used with the lowest response pressures, under high vacuum or in ultra-clean processes.
  • Plug Type Rupture Discs - are normally used in very small nominal widths for high pressures and are equipped with a very wide range of connections.
  • HPRD - High pressure rupture discs for temperatures from -269 to +300 °C and higher as well as pressures of more than 3,000 bar.
  • Extruder Rupture Discs - most frequently found in the food processing and plastics industries. As the name implies, these discs protect extruders against excessive pressure.

All the rupture disc models presented here can be customised to meet any requirements in terms of connections, nominal widths, housing geometries, pressures or temperature resistance. They are all developed, manufactured and tested  in accordance with your specifications.

We give you access to more than 45 years of experience in the development and production of special rupture discs – and one of the world’s largest warehouse of raw materials in the sector. With more than 1,000 different starting materials, we offer you fast and reliable pressure protection solutions.

A selection of the materials stored in our warehouse:

  • Highest purity stainless steels, e.g. 1.4435 or 1.4404
  • Nickel
  • Monel
  • Inconel
  • Hastelloy
  • Tantalum
  • Titanium
  • Zirconium

In addition, we stock a variety of precious metals and high performance plastics.

A selection of the  available connections

  • CF / KF flange
  • ISO-K / ISO-F flange
  • VCR fitting
  • Weld neck flange (also with tongue and groove)
  • Cutting ring fitting
  • Threaded fitting


Plug type rupture disc / bursting disc
REMBE® plug type rupture disc
High pressure rupture disc / bursting disc
REMBE® High pressure rupture disc
UKB LS rupture disc / bursting disc
REMBE® UKB LS rupture disc
Extruder rupture disc / bursting disc
REMBE® extruder rupture disc
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