Grounding monitoring in case of electrostatic charging

Before an explosion can occur, three things must come together: An ignition source, a flammable substance and oxygen. Especially in the area where flammable liquids are handled, or in filling plants for combustible dusts, it is often sufficient to apply adequate measures of Explosion Safety, whereby a particular priority is on the “Avoidance of effective ignition sources”.

Electrostatic charges on the surface due to friction of chargeable materials. This charge remains on the material until it either slowly degrades or unloads by arcing to a conductor. The sparks which develop from this discharge can cause an ignition in the event of an explosive atmosphere. To prevent this electrostatic charging, and provide a safe derivation of charges, the use of suitable grounding systems is required such as, for example, grounding clamps on barrels, equipment and pipes. Grounding clamps are to be used especially for mobile objects, because quick installation and dismounting of the grounding clamps is possible.

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