Pressure relief for autoclaves / reactors and gas-tight pressure vessels

REMBE® rupture discs secure these containers against unacceptable overpressure and vacuum.

Thereby, they fulfil the highest requirements towards purity/sterility, vacuum resistance and leak-tightness.

A broad range of containers can be protected through the compact design of the rupture disc and the available connection options.

Very often, for these applications the rupture discs UKB LS, IKB® LS and HPRD are used for autoclaves, but KUB® and IKB® are also used for pressure vessels. For example, for the protection of sterilization equipment, ultra-pure applications, laboratory autoclaves / bioreactors such as stirring tanks, and in the laser industry as well as the research and development departments in various industries.

Which of the mentioned rupture discs is suitable for your application depends on the respective process conditions. If particularly high pressures are present, the HPRD is usually considered the most suitable. If you need a welded unit, the UKB LS can also be your first choice.

Your advantages

  • No diffusion of the process medium due to minimal leak rate (min. <10^-7 mbar l/s): Holder and rupture disc as a welded unit
  • Full vacuum resistance without an additional vacuum support, which could lead to leakage at low burst pressures
  • Suitable for processes with high temperatures 
  • Can be sterilised
  • Electro polished connections if required
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