Explosion Safety for filters / aspiration systems

Since explosions in filter plants are disproportionately likely, many filter manufacturers offer their products together with explosion safety devices. The danger of an explosion develops because, in addition to the dust that has been extracted from other system parts, sparks or glowing embers can also be introduced. The cleaning of the filter elements is particularly problematic. The very fine dust then spreads evenly in the filter and can, in combination with a registered ignition source, lead to an explosion. Filters in indoor areas are therefore vented with flameless explosion systems such as the Q-Box or the Q-Rohr®. A further possibility is explosion suppression using the Q-Bic™ when critical substances are processed.  

Filters in outdoor areas can be protected by explosion vents when the environment allows it. Which explosion vent is used depends on the modifications of the filter. If transport or traffic routes are located in the vicinity of the explosion venting, the TARGO-VENT add-on module is used for explosion vents, which deflects the flames and shock wave of the explosion to non-critical areas.

The overall picture counts:

The protection of individual system components is only as good as the protection of the entire system. Pay particular attention to having sufficient decoupling devices, and the protection against “over engineering”. Only if the entire system is observed, and the individual protective measures are aligned to each other, will your Explosion Safety concept be safe AND economic.

We therefore offer you comprehensive protection concepts and on-site consulting, on how you can implement organizational measures to achieve a greater degree of safety.

REMBE® EGV on dust collector
Reduction of safety area
REMBE® TARGO-VENT on aspiration filter
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